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Our most precious asset is people. They work on a daily basis in each of our processes and do not work hard for the best results.

They are the ones who build and strengthen Jacó Coelho Advogados and it is through them that we strive and work in search of the best incentives, such as the Corporate University.


Through the Corporate University, we offer specific technical courses, extension courses and postgraduate courses for our employees and partners, financing them according to company policies and strategies.

With the Corporate University, we value the professional development, technical qualification, agility in the performance of the work routines and reduction of the costs of conventional training.

Evaluation Process

01 Evaluation of the curricula, according to the prerequisites of each vacancy.

02 Screening of the candidates by telephone.

03 Individual or collective interview with HR.

04 Application of psychological, specific tests and group techniques.

05 Individual interview with the manager of the area of ​​interest.

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