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We work in the elaboration, analysis and revision of contracts and bylaws, minutes and other corporate documents, also evaluating the corporate type or the structure most appropriate to the client's business.

Our advice also includes the dissolution of the company, whether in the judicial or extrajudicial sphere, as well as with regard to business succession and responsibilities of partners, individuals or legal entities, in a preventive manner and always aiming at reducing risks and costs.


Our activities cover the advisory and litigation sphere, focusing on conflict prevention and resolution in all consumer relations, balancing interests and considering principles inherent in this relationship.


    He has been working in the field of Insurance Law for 20 years, serving the insurance market in the defense of its interests, in administrative, regulatory and judicial proceedings. Our team works with focus on strategic reduction of judicial liabilities, covering subjects such as:

    • Civil and advisory litigation;
    • Contractual revision;
    • Liability reduction through negotiation;
    • Issuance of technical advice with risk analysis and various reports;
    • claims regulation;
    • Defense in arbitration proceedings, public civil actions and collective actions;
    • Representation of economic agents, their managers and policyholders in administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings;
    • Monitoring of judicial and administrative proceedings (PROCON, DETRAN, SEFAZ);
    • Experience with oral support;
    • Conducting audits;
    • Refund;
    • Great risk insurance;
    • Insurtchs.

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    We are motivated by the desire to solve legal problems with innovative solutions, anywhere. With a disruptive environment, with a high performance team and in balance with the quality of life, we aim to be a reference in legal solution, both in Brazil and abroad.

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    Av. Assis Chateaubriand, N. 1595, Setor Oeste.
    CEP 74130-012.

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